‘Twas the Week Before Christmas…

Changes this week…

Due to the uncooperative weather, we have made a few changes to our plans this week:

– The SCD Christmas Concert will be held tomorrow (Thursday).  Dress rehearsal (students viewing) will be in the morning, parents/family members are welcome to come and enjoy the afternoon concert which will start at about 1:15pm.  Our class will be either first or second in the line up, so don’t be late!

– Children should wear their festive or Christmas coloured clothing tomorrow for the concert – not pyjamas.

– We will have our Kindergarten Pyjama Party on Friday instead!

– There is one more change (noted on our website google calendar), our Good News Assembly was formerly planned for Friday afternoon.  It has been moved to Friday morning at 11:20 instead.

Thanks for your understanding!

Merry Christmas!

K. Sadlon and T. Panico

P.S.-Tomorrow, the children will be bringing home their Christmas goodie bag with everything we’ve been working on for the past few weeks.  There is a delicious-smelling ornament that we made in the bag.  It is made with cinnamon, applesauce and WHITE GLUE!  Don’t let anybody eat it!

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