Belongings From Home

Dear Parents,

Due to Covid restrictions, we ask that your child not bring any belongings from home. Thank you.

Through the years, we have struggled with an ongoing issue in our classroom regarding toys/dolls/trading cards/figurines brought from home. Throughout the day and during recesses, toys from home are often lost, taken, broken and fought over. This isn’t usually an issue with classroom articles because they are classroom property and belong to everybody. With items such as toy cars, they are often mixed in with classroom toys and then we don’t know which ones belong where. There have been several issues with children “giving” their toys away to other children and then wanting them back.

In order to help resolve these issues, we are once again asking that personal toys, collectible cards and figurines be left at home. Of course there will be allowances made for special articles that your child would occasionally like to share with their classmates (photos of a special time or trip, sports ribbons, something from a special family project, etc.).  Thank you for your understanding. 

The Kindergarten Team

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