Email and Brightspace Intro. for Parents

Good morning Families! 

As you know, we will be switching to online learning for the remainder of this week as well as next Monday. We are planning to hold a short meeting this afternoon at 1:30 for those of you who are able to log your child in from home. The online platform that we use is Zoom and meetings will be scheduled through our google classroom using your child’s school email account.

When you begin to try and log your child in, you must log out of your other google accounts. Their information and online classroom will only be accessible through their school google account.

Your child’s school email account is: 

your child’s school ID

**Your child’s school email will be sent to your personal email this morning. All zoom meeting invitations will be sent to your child’s school email account.

All of the children in our class have the same password. The password is:  scd123

**Please do not change your child’s password! If something goes wrong, or there is a technical issue, I can log in to your child’s account and help to problem solve.

Once your child is logged into their google account with their school email, please go to the SMCDSB website to access our Brightspace classroom. See screenshot  below:

Once you have accessed the Brightspace home page, here is where you will find our online classroom:

We will be posting a simple Choice Board that your child may choose some asynchronous activities from. Asynchronous activities are things that your child is invited to do when they are not live online with us.

Once you have received this information, please try to log your child in and have a look on Brightspace. Leave a comment on the first post on the page to let us know that you were able to log in.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this week!

K. Sadlon, T. Panico and V. Franchetto

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