End of October Updates

Hello Families!

I just have some housekeeping reminders for you:

-Remember that tomorrow is Black and Orange Day to celebrate Halloween at school-no costumes or costume props please!

-Unfortunately, we cannot accept treats sent in by families this year (but we have a little something to treat our students with!).

-We are still waiting on a few students to bring in their indoor running shoes. Please send them in ASAP so we can try to keep our classroom floors a little cleaner.

-Our Family Photo Wall is slowly filling up, but we are still missing several 4×6 photos of immediate family from some children. The children use this to tell their classmates about their families and we refer to them often-if you haven’t sent one in, we’d love to “see” you!

-Our kindergarten students are doing a wonderful job with wearing their masks in class-we really appreciate this! It would be helpful if your child had an extra mask with them to use in case of a big sticky sneeze (nobody wants to wear a mask covered in that!).

-Remember that all classroom information and newsletters are stored on our classroom website at https://scdroom123.com/ and my email is ksadlon@smcdsb.on.ca in case you have any questions, concerns or information that you need to share with us.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support!

K. Sadlon

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