February News and Tomorrow’s Celebration

Hello Families!

The past month has been busy for all-we hope everyone is healthy and keeping well. We would like to express our appreciation to our families for your dedication to our online learning program. It wasn’t an ideal situation, but we were so happy to still be able to spend time teaching and learning with your children.

With the planned return to school on Monday, February 8, we would like to share some important housekeeping reminders with you.

Things to send back to school on Monday:

1.  Indoor running shoes

2.  Extra change of clothes1 t-shirt, 1 pair of pull-on pants (still wearable even if your child grows a little), 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of underwear-please do not send multiple sets or big sweaters, we do not have the room to store them and they will be sent back home

3.  Extra pair of mittens (no gloves please!) to be stored in their clothes basket at school for when they need a change

4.  Your child’s Remote Learning Kit: these need to be returned-blue writing workbook, rekenrek, linking cubes, baggie of small square counters, dice.

The laminated printing practice books, dry erase markers, play dough and anything else, are theirs to keep at home. We will be giving the children new playdough, pencils and a baggie of new crayons. We only have the standard colours left-no more of the pretty new colours that they received at Christmas-pink, teal, bright green, red orange. If they’d like to bring those back to put in with their new crayons, they’re welcome to do so!

5.  Lunch (and snacks of course!)-Remember that we have two nutrition breaks during the school day. The first one is shorter and more of a healthy snack break (fruit/veggies, crackers/cheese, yogurt, etc.) and the second break is when we usually eat more lunch-type foods.

Mask Management

We would like to make some suggestions for masks while at school. As you know, masks are now mandatory for all JK-Gr.12 students in our school board, but honestly, our class has been pretty fabulous at wearing them long before this was put into place-thank you Families!


-If using washable masks, have a “clean mask” baggie and a “dirty mask” baggie in your child’s lunch bag. It is highly advisable (and much more comfortable) for the children to change their masks once or twice during the day. If they have clean masks in their lunch bag, we will remind them to make the change when we have our nutrition breaks and put the used masks in the “dirty bag” (less lost masks too!).

-It is strongly suggested that the children wear their masks while outside as well. Our kindergarten yard is not very big, and young children do not keep their distance from each other while playing outside together-no matter how much we work to enforce it.

-Check mask sizing-some of our students’ masks are always falling down under their noses-masks need to cover mouth and nose. Making the straps a little shorter and snugging up the fit of the mask to the child’s face usually fixes this

-Please talk to your child about not sucking on their mask, or putting their fingers through their mask into their mouths or noses (sorry, gross but true!)

-Lastly, please help make all of this easier by leading by example. Please wear your own mask when coming to drop off or pick up your child.

Valentine’s Day

We will celebrate this much-loved (pun intended) holiday on Friday, February 12, right before the Family Day long weekend. It’s going to look a little different this year as we can’t have Valentine cards from home. Ms. Panico and I are cooking up a little plan to make virtual Valentines with the children next week. We would LOVE it if everyone could try to wear red/pink/white that day as we celebrate.

TOMORROW-the last day of Remote Learning and 100th Read Aloud Day!

We are celebrating something HUGE with our class tomorrow! Many classes celebrate the 100th day of school around this time of year, but we are going bigger than that. Tomorrow we will be celebrating our 100th Read Aloud of the 2020-2021 school year! Yes, that’s right, we have read 100 books together since starting school in September. Tomorrow, your child is encouraged to “show and tell” their own favourite read aloud book (What is your favourite book and why is it your favourite?). Sadly, we won’t have time to read them all together tomorrow, but we will read our 100th story during our first morning block and then enjoy the rest of our day together.  The children are also welcome to wear bright-coloured party clothes (whatever clothes make them happy!) when they meet us online and join in the celebration.

Ms. Panico and I would like to thank all of you again [for reading this lengthy newsletter] for your patience and understanding over the past five weeks. We look forward to teaching our wonderful students in person again.

Mrs. Sadlon and Ms. Panico

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