January 10 Update & Schedule

This same letter has been posted to your child’s school email.

January 10, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for a good first week of online learning! Figuring out the technology is challenging, but the kids (and all of you!) have been real troopers!

I have attached a copy of our slightly revised schedule for the next two weeks. We have shortened our middle block slightly (12:45-1:30) so as to accommodate the timing of some of the online activities being offered by our prep teachers.

This week, we noticed a few things that we would like to adjust during our meetings to help them run more smoothly:

First, we would like to ask that the children please eat their meals either before or after our online meetings (with the exception of our last afternoon meeting-they are welcome to enjoy a snack while listening to our story). We are doing frequent movement activities throughout our meetings, and when the children are continually eating, they are unable to participate due to the risk of choking. As well, it’s very difficult to hear their responses when they have their mouths full (kind of gross too, as one student pointed out earlier this week!). We eat at specific break times while we’re in regular school, so this is a good habit to keep.

Second, we would ask that all children are visible on camera during the entire meet. We’re noticing that some of our students have learned how to turn off their cameras when they don’t want to participate. Understanding that parents/caregivers may not always be able to be right there beside their child during the meet (we know that things are really busy right now!), this poses safety concerns if we are unable to see the children.

Ms. Panico and I have a few extra items to add to our students’ remote learning kits. These will be put together on Monday morning and we’re planning to drop them off to your homes in the evening after school (road trip!). Sadly, we obviously can’t stop in for a chat-these will just be porch drop-offs! (if this poses any issues for your family, please let me know via email prior to Monday)

Thank you again for all of your support, patience and encouragement over the past week. We welcome any comments, suggestions or questions (at the end of the day or via email is best). This isn’t the most ideal learning situation, but we miss your children, and we’re doing our best to be there for them.

K. Sadlon and T. Panico

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