Joining EPIC and Reading A-Z

Hello Families!

Just a heads-up!  You will be receiving online invitations to sign your child in to two different online reading clubs that are free until the end of June.  We are making classroom accounts for both EPIC and Reading A-Z.  Hopefully, these will provide some great resources for home reading practice at your child’s appropriate level.

When setting up these accounts, I included one of the home email addresses that you provided when signing up for our classroom website.  I was only able to include one address per family, so please be sure to check any/all email accounts that you may have given us.  As these sites are probably new to you, any emails coming from them are likely going to end up in your “junk” email folder, so you should check those as well.

Thank you for the great effort in getting some responses from your children online!  It has been fantastic to see what they’re doing.  I think that we may set up a general weekly “assignment” page (probably starting next week), so that the children may upload any writing, drawing, photos, responses, or ideas that they’ve produced while doing any of our activities from our weekly activity calendar.  There is no expectation or pressure to have them complete all activities and report back on them!  We just miss them and would love to see what they’re up to and how they’re progressing.  Here is a website with some great directions on how to post in google classroom:

Thank you for your cooperation, encouragement and kind words over the past week as we all begin to figure out the how-to’s of distance learning together!  We are just so happy to be reconnecting with your children.  : )

Stay safe and healthy!

Mrs. Sadlon and Ms. Panico

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