June News-We Are a Family

Hello Families! Well, here we are-only a week and a half left of distance learning! Mrs. Panico and I have had a wonderful time with your children. We hope that they enjoyed getting their writing books and little gift bags earlier this week at pick up. June is always bittersweet, even more so this year because our year was unexpectedly cut short.  While we are looking forward to summer, it is sad when our students move on to higher grades. Teaching your children is a gift that we are grateful to receive every day that we spend connected together!  We are fortunate that we get to spend another year with our JKs (turning SKs) and that we will still get to see our SKs (new grade ones) in the halls, out on the yard and at school assemblies/celebrations. They have all grown and changed so much.

This is one of the things that we’ve been working on to celebrate our year. This was posted in our google classroom a few weeks ago. We have only had about four responses so far.  If we don’t have at least half of the class participating, we will abandon the project, so this is a last plea for participation!  We don’t even need video of the entire song, even a 30 second video will work.  Videos can be sent to my school board email: ksadlon@smcdsb.on.ca

Here is the post from our google classroom:

We Are a Family!

This is a new song for us this year. It is a great song to remind us that we are all part of God’s great big family, regardless of where we are or whether we’re together or not. Try to follow the actions in sign language as you go-listen to it more than once. Think about how your family takes care of you. 


We had planned to teach the children this song to share at our end of the year Celebrate Me performance. However, since that is not possible this year, we would love to try to put together a video of our students singing along with this song. 

If you can, encourage your child to practice singing/ doing actions along with the song. Once they are comfortable, record a video of them “performing” along with the song and send it to us (maybe have the video playing on a computer in front of your child-so that they can sing/follow along-and you can be recording it while standing and facing them?).

If we get enough response, we may be able to create a class video (that would be made shareable only to parents). I understand that it’s a lot to ask, but I think it would be a wonderful thing for them to have as a keepsake at the end of a very different school year. The deadline for video submissions will be Monday, June 22.

Over the summer, Mrs. Panico and I are looking forward to spending some relaxing time with our families and planning for next year. Thank you for a wonderful year! We hope that you will all enjoy a peaceful, safe summer and we’ll see you in September!

God Bless!

Mrs. Sadlon and Mrs. Panico

If you did not return your child’s green reading folder/books and library books, please keep them in a safe location until September and return them then. Thanks!

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