June News

June News

Hello! Well, here we are-only a few weeks left of school! Mrs. Panico and I have had a wonderful year with your children. June is always bittersweet-we are looking forward to summer, but it is sad when our students move on to higher grades. Teaching your children is a gift that we are grateful to receive every day of the year!  We are fortunate that we get to spend another year with our JKs (turning SKs) and that we will still get to see our SKs (new grade ones) in the halls, out on the yard and at school assemblies/celebrations. They have all grown and changed so much.

As we are wrapping up the school year, we would like to ask that everyone have a look around their home and make sure that there are no SCD school library books hiding under beds! Mrs. Goodbrand will be sending home overdue lists with the children if necessary. We are also finishing up our home reading program for the year (green reading folders). Please return all little books to school this week. And on that note, we’d like to extend a special thank you to our parent volunteer, Mrs. Mounstephen for all of the hours you have put in reading with our students over the course of the year. It really makes a huge difference and we are so grateful for your help!

Just a reminder that the children are outside for all recesses unless there is inclement weather. Hats and unscented sunscreen are a necessity. Please do not send your child to school with a bottle of sunscreen-apply it at home before coming to school. Our yard does have shaded areas which the children can go to for cooling down.

The next few weeks will be very busy. We are preparing for Father’s Day, we will be celebrating our Grade 8 Graduation mass at St. Mary’s Church (June 24th), we have our class trip to Sunnidale Park on June 20th, and of course preparing for our Celebrate Me performance on the 26th.

Ongoing Playground Improvements

We have been working hard on renovating our playground and the children have been enjoying all of the changes.  We would like to thank everyone who has come out to help in the past few weeks-especially Mrs. And Mr. Rotar (Mateo’s mom and dad)!  We couldn’t have done it without your help!  There are still more changes to come.  Stay tuned!

End of Year Class Trip – June 20th

We will be going for a morning of playing and picnicking at Sunnidale Park.  The kindergarten classes will be boarding a bus at 9:15 to go to Sunnidale Park for the morning.  We will play on the play structure for a while, then eat our lunches picnic-style and return to the school by about 12:30.  We welcome family volunteers who have their police background check filed in the office.  You are welcome to meet us at the park to help supervise and then have lunch with us as well.  Please send a note in your child’s blue Communication Book if you are able to join us so that we can confirm volunteer numbers.  Volunteers will be asked to work together with the staff to monitor the whole group of kindergarten students-not just come to play with their own child.  The trip permission form is posted on the School-Day website.  There is no charge for this trip as the bussing costs are being covered by the school.  We are hoping for good weather, unfortunately there will not be time for a rain date.  Looking forward to a great day!

Celebrate Summer Birthdays – June 20th

We don’t want anybody to feel left out just because their birthday is in the summertime when we’re not at school together, so we’ve set aside time this afternoon for them! On this day, we will sing to all of the summer birthday children individually and they will receive their birthday hats at school.

Kindergarten Celebrate Me Day – June 26th

We have been preparing a few songs to share with our families to celebrate our great year in kindergarten. Family members are welcome to join our class in the gym this afternoon to watch our performance. We will start at 2:45 and enjoy some treats afterward.  Please do not enter the gym until the chairs are set up.  We are looking forward to seeing you!  (please note that Mrs. Bradley’s class will be having their Celebrate Me day on a different date than ours)

Clean Out the Classroom – June 26th

Today we will be sending home all extra clothing/indoor shoes and any other personal items.

Last Day of School – June 27th

Just to let you know-we will post the monthly homework calendars for the summer months, if you are interested in using them, please help yourself. Many of the activities are very quick and simple and are just good basic skills practice for the children.

P.A. Day – June 28th

June 30th is a Professional Activity Day.  There will be no classes for students on this day.  We will be wrapping things up, cleaning/moving classrooms and staff, and planning for the next school year.

Over the summer, Mrs. Panico and I are looking forward to spending some relaxing time with our families and doing some planning for next year. Thank you for a wonderful year! We hope that you will all enjoy a peaceful, happy summer and we’ll see you in September!

God Bless!

Mrs. Sadlon and Mrs. Panico

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