Lets Get Dressed!

Dear Families,

Please allow your child to dress themselves at home – it may take a little more time, but it will help them gain independence at school. This is especially important this year as we work to maintain physical distancing from students as much as possible, e.g., not having to dress students, zip coats, etc.

Please send your children dressed appropriately for the weather every day.  Unfortunately, we do not have the space for your child to keep extra sets of mittens/socks/snow pants at the school.

Teach the appropriate order for putting on winter clothes (snow pants first, boots, coats, zip up, then hats and mittens last).

Label ALL outdoor clothing – mittens, hats, boots, snow pants. We do not keep a lost and found area in our coatroom.

This is a great company:        http://www.mabel.ca/mabel.php

During wet weather times, put at least 1-2 extra pairs of mittens/socks in your child’s school bag and check everyday to see if they need cleaning or drying.  It is a good idea to include a large zip bag in your child’s backpack so they can carry their wet mittens/socks home in it.

Winter Clothing

We want to avoid any incidences of children wearing scarves and getting tangled/choked by them by sitting on them/get them caught on the fence, etc.  Please do not send your child to school with a scarf-most of them cannot put them on anyway and they are a safety issue.  Neck warmers are a good replacement and the children can put them on independently.

If your child cannot put on gloves independently (fingers in each hole), please send them with mittens instead (they keep hands warmer anyway!).  Mitten clips prevented a lot of lost mittens when my daughter was little.  I have seen them being sold at Bonnie Togs in the Loblaws plaza.

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