March 2022 News


Today we learned about Shrove Tuesday, read some stories about making pancakes and played “Say it, write it, flip it” with some sight words printed on paper “pancakes”. The children will have opportunities to continue to explore this play for the rest of this week.

Tomorrow, we will begin the solemn journey through Lent with our (virtual) Ash Wednesday mass. During these next 40 days leading up to Easter, our class will be reading a story from the Gospel of Matthew every day, walking through all of the events of Jesus’ life, and colouring 41 paper ornaments that correspond with each story. We will be creating a Jesus Tree (similar to a Jesse Tree during Advent) using the large cross in our window decorated with these ornaments. We encourage you to talk to your child about the Gospel stories, here is the list of readings and their corresponding dates:

Classroom Reminders

Zip Bags/Reading Folders:

Please return your child’s zip bag to school every day. This helps to promote good routines with the children and provides us with an organized way to send home school notes and your child’s treasures. Our student reading folders need only to be returned for book exchange on your child’s specific day (as noted on the front of the folder). When these folders are left at home, not only does your child miss out on their one-on-one reading time at school, but we are also often left shorthanded with our classroom book collection. This can make it challenging to complete book exchange with other little readers. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


Many of our students want to change their masks after every recess (2-3x daily) as well as after eating, but most do not bring enough masks from home to do so. We have been supplying many children with washable, cotton masks but are using them up quickly. If possible, please send your child to school with enough masks for several changes every day.

Library Books:

Just a reminder that our library day is Wednesday for book exchange and exploratory play at our Learning Commons activities.

Morning Entry:

We have been struggling with an increase in late arrivals in the mornings. Ms. Panico and Mrs. Salisbury are only out on entry duty until 9:00 and then they need to return to our kindergarten classrooms to help bring the children inside. If your child is arriving a few minutes late, please walk them around to the front gate of the kindergarten yard or to our classroom door. If they are later than 9:05, they will need to be admitted through the office. When we have multiple children arriving late, it disrupts our morning routine and we are often not ready for office announcements, the anthem and daily prayer as a class. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Hang in there-spring is coming!

K. Sadlon

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