May Newsletter

Hello families!  Happy May and Happy Catholic Education Week!

We are now entering our fifth week of distance learning and we hope that everyone is doing well. I received an email with some terrific news-the children from our class who are using the EPIC reading website, have read over 50 books!  Way to go! Both EPIC and Reading A-Z have been set up for our classroom and they are free to use until the end of June-great resources for keeping up with home reading. If you are not sure how to access them, check back in our old newsletters on the website for detailed directions.

We are celebrating Catholic Education Week this week! We have posted a separate activity calendar with different books/activities specifically created for Catholic Education Week. There is also notice of two different masses being celebrated online this week if you would like to join in.  The first mass will be celebrated online at SMCDSB (go to the board website) with Father Jim Saginario on Tuesday at 11:00am.  Father Jim is a friend of mine and a lovely, interesting person to listen to-I hope that you can join in to hear him. The second mass will be celebrated on Wednesday morning at 10:00 online with Cardinal Collins, from St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto (the link is in the activity calendar).

Our kindergarten team continues to work on our google classroom to provide some extra opportunities for home learning activities (and some things that are just for fun-check out today’s May the Fourth post!).  We want you to know that, if you have chosen to access these activities, there are no set expectations with regard to completion.  Although there is a “due date” on our assignment pages, that is really more for our use to try and keep things organized! We know that (in some weeks more than others) there is a LOT of information/instruction being delivered-often more than the expected five hours/week. We also realize that everybody’s “new normal” looks very different from home to home. Whatever you decide to do, or are able to do with your children is enough-you know what is best for your family. Hopefully, having a lot of different activities in our classroom provides some choice for the children and there is something that will interest everyone. The photos, videos and pic-collages that we have received have been amazing-thank you-we love seeing what the children are doing. This is soooooo very different from what we usually do in our real classroom everyday, but we’re all just doing what we can to stay connected. 

Over the past few weeks, our team has tried to reach out to anyone that we have not heard from or seen online anywhere. If you have  questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to call the school and leave a voicemail-we get email notices from these. When I call from my home, it will show up as an unidentified caller (not as the school number or my home number), so you may have missed a phone call without realizing. If you are having difficulty accessing our classroom or just want to have a look and don’t know where to start, we can walk you through it. 

Ms. Panico, Ms. Martin, Mrs. Franchetto and I are wishing the best in health, happiness and peace for all of you. We think of you and pray for you, and look forward to the time when we can all be together again. Take care of yourselves and your families-we miss you!

Kindergarten 123 Team

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