October Housekeeping Updates

October 16, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We have a few housekeeping items…

Personal Hygiene

This is the time of year when many of the children have runny noses, sniffles and coughs.  Although we do demonstrate how to blow/wipe noses and catch our coughs, our students do need extensive teaching and practice at home.  Please show your child how to blow/wipe their own nose and allow them to practice independently.  When they do not know how, they often resort to wiping on their clothing.  We also practice proper handwashing and coughing/sneezing into our elbows, not our hands.  All of these habits require practice at home and reminders at school.

Inclement Weather Days at Morning Entry Time

On the occasional day that it is pouring rain or extremely cold outside, the children will be brought inside at 8:45 (when the staff is on duty) instead of at 9:00.  The kindergarten children do not go to the kindergarten yard on these bad weather days.  They are to go around the back, past the kindergarten gate and into the back door of the school.  There will be a teacher on duty to let them inside and another teacher inside to wait with them before they go into their classroom.  Parents are asked not to enter the school, but to send their child(ren) inside.

Weekly Reading Volunteer

We are looking for one adult (with their appropriate criminal background check registered in the school office) to come in and read with some of our senior kindergarten children once a week on Tuesday mornings.  The time frame that we need would be between about 9:30-10:15ish.  The volunteer would be working with one student at a time, listening to them read and then assisting them in changing their weekly book.  Training will be provided.  Please send a note in your child’s communication book if you are interested or would like more information.


The Kindergarten Team of Room 123

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