October News

Happy October!

What Have We Been Up To?

We have been working on learning classroom routines, how to tidy up, recognizing and writing our names (SKs will be starting to work on writing their last names), simple patterning games, songs/poems with actions and we practiced a fire drill. Last week, we went on a virtual trip to the apple orchard and tasted different kinds of apples. This week, we have been exploring and learning about pumpkins. Our first few weeks of Star Students have been doing an excellent job of leading class prayers, songs, line-ups and jobs. September and October are very busy months!

Next week, we will celebrate Halloween on the 30th by wearing Black and Orange (no costumes please) to school. We will also celebrate with a short Halloween video in the afternoon. Unfortunately, this year we will not be allowing treats (homemade or pre-packaged) to be sent in from home for distribution at school. We will be sending home a little treat bag from school for the children instead. Thank you for your understanding.

The Weather is Changing…

We are asking families to please send in a pair of indoor running shoes for their child to leave at school. These will be kept in bags on their coat hooks for easy access. If your child is not confident in tying laced shoes yet, please send them with Velcro shoes that they can put on independently. Please practice at home first to ensure that your child can put their shoes on and do them up independently.

Please label ALL outdoor clothing-many children come in with similar looking items and they can’t tell them apart from others’ clothing. At home, please have your child dress themselves and start to practice the order of how to dress for winter-snow pants first, then boots, then coat, then hat, and last- mittens! Some of our students stand helplessly with arms/legs outstretched waiting for us to dress them at recess time. We will help with zippers if needed, but the children should be able to independently dress themselves.

Help your child practice putting their hat inside their coat sleeves when they take it off (keeps them from getting lost and decreases the chance of spreading head lice). We have small baskets above our coat hooks for them to keep their mittens in.


-Our classroom website has a lot of useful information about our class, such as our schedule, all newsletters, Kindergarten Homework Calendars (for basic skills practice), teacher email, etc. It can be accessed through the SCD website under Parents & Students/Teacher Websites. It can also be accessed here: https://scdroom123.com/

-If you have not already done so, please be sure to fill in all school information forms on the School-day website.

-If you have not already done so, please remove all additional items from your child’s backpack-they do not need workbooks, pencil cases, bottles of hand sanitizer, and clothing in their backpack and we do not have the room to store loaded backpacks.

Thank you again for all that you do (and all that you have done) to help make your children’s transition into the new school year a smooth one. We really appreciate all of your support. We are grateful for the opportunity to spend time with your children every day!

Mrs. Sadlon, Mrs. Panico, Mrs. Franchetto and Mrs. Ingram

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