October Updates

Important Notice

Over the past week or so, we have had an increase in incidences of hands-on behaviour (hitting, pushing, pushing with whole body) both on our playground and in our classroom.  We have been addressing this using social stories, role playing and removal from activities (for students using hands-on) when necessary.  We practice restorative justice and empathy-building by facilitating discussion between the children involved.  We are also proactive in promoting positive behaviours in our students and acknowledging them when we see them.

There has also been a lot of namecalling (stupid, poo-head, poopy-pants, poo-face, fart face) and use of bathroom language (poo, farts, etc.) both in and out of the classroom.  Sometimes at home this may get overlooked or laughed at because it seems funny coming from young children, but it is still inappropropriate and unkind.  Namecalling often leads to bullying as the children get older, so we try to put a stop to it in the early years of Kindergarten by promoting the Safe Schools Initiative (see SMCDSB website for more information).  We would appreciate it if you could please have a discussion with your child at home regarding these issues.


-Tomorrow is a Pyjama Day for the Kindergarten classes.  Please remember to send the children with warm outdoor clothing-we will be outside for all recesses and are hoping to do a short nature walk with our Grade 8 Learning Buddies if the weather is fairly cooperative.

-Please continue to have your child practice putting on their outdoor clothing independently.   : )

-Friday, October 26 is a P.A. Day-our staff will be working on Mathematics initiatives from the School Board, there are no classes for students.

-Next Wednesday is Halloween.  We would like to remind families to not send their children in his/her costume (save it for the Big Night!) on that day.  We celebrate Halloween at SCD by wearing Black and Orange.  The children will be visiting the school Halloween Dance on Wednesday morning too!

-Please check our calendar on the home page of the website for important dates.  

-Great job on our We Scare Hunger Food Drive this month!

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Mrs. Sadlon and Mrs. Panico

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