Online Learning Scheduling January 5, 2022

Hello Families! It was lovely to get to see some of you online this morning!

Just a few reminders:

-There will not be any live online (synchronous) meetings on Thursday this week. We will start up on Friday morning at 9:00 am.

-There are some asynchronous activities posted on our Brightspace online classroom and monthly activity calendars on our classroom website if you would like to access them for your child.

-If you are not planning on having your child attend online meetings with our class, please email myself or the school office to avoid unnecessary attendance calls (if you have not already done so).

Epic is a great site for online books for children. I have signed our class up for a school account so that our students will have free access to Epic School from 7:00 am-3:00 pm local time, Monday-Friday. Once on the site, there are options for after-hours/weekend access as well, that may be activated and paid for (if you would like to have unlimited access). To access our free account between 7-3:00, go to this site:  and use our class code:  jcb4570

Next week in our morning sessions, we would like to encourage the children to orally share some news with their friends-just a quick sentence or two. This could be something that has already happened, something that they are looking forward to, or interested in/excited about. Many children benefit from a little discussion with their family about what they’d like to talk about before they share with classmates. Please note that this is not Show and Tell.

News Sharing Schedule:

Monday:  Charlie I., Kyla, Thomas, Addison

Tuesday:  Charlotte, Lilah, Everly, Nolan, Ben

Wednesday:  Mason, Parker, Jaxon, Dunni

Thursday:  Bella, Myles, Peter, Mila, Jacob

Friday:  Meredith, Jeremiah, Emmy, Callie, Charlie R.

Next week, after our morning routine and letter work, we would like to invite the children to do some writing like they do in their weekly story writing journals. We will be using the stapled booklets that have empty rectangles (for drawings) and lines underneath. Children are always encouraged to do their own independent writing and parents/caregivers are welcome to assist by scribing for our new writers as well. Our two journal days will be on Monday and Wednesday mornings next week. It would be helpful if the children had their little booklets, crayons, and a pencil ready to go for this activity. Thanks!

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings next week, after our morning routine and letter work, we will be inviting the children to have some open play time during our meeting. This would be a good time to bring out play dough or small building materials that could be easily used on a tabletop or desk where the children are working.

We hope that this provides some useful information to help next week run as smoothly as possible for everyone. We don’t want anyone feeling that there is any pressure for their child to “perform” at any particular level while online-this is a different and challenging situation for everyone.

Thank you!

K. Sadlon

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