Online Learning Update January 4, 2022

Hello again Families! I must apologize for this change in scheduling for this week’s online meetings. It seems that I jumped the gun in planning meetings starting tomorrow. Our Director of Education has asked us to wait and start live, synchronous classes on Friday (not tomorrow) to give administration extra time to distribute technology devices to those who need to borrow them. Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, we will only be popping online for a quick meeting at 9:00am if you are able to join (no problem if you can’t!). This will give the children a chance to see some of their friends and we will try to answer any questions you might have. Hopefully, it will also give us a chance to make sure everything is working well before we start up on Friday morning.  

I have sent a message to your child’s school email that has the three different links you will need to join our class online or our prep teachers’ classes online. There are reminders of what time each teacher’s meetings are held at right above each link-hope this helps. 

Today, we also posted some simple activities that your child is welcome to do during asynchronous learning time (that is any school time when they are not live online with us). These activities are optional-we understand what a challenge this time is for families. These activities are posted on our classroom’s Brightspace portal which can be accessed through our school board website.Instructions on how to access Brightspace and other aspects of online learning is still posted on our classroom website from when we were online back in November. Our classroom website can be found here: The information is saved under the “newsletters” tab.

One last thing-if you are not planning on having your child attend online learning, please let us or the school office know via email. This will save Mrs. Prisciak from having to make unnecessary phone calls. Thank you again for your patience!
K. Sadlon
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