Our New Google Classroom

And so it begins…

Hello Families!  We hope everyone is well and together for our first celebratory day of Holy Week-Palm Sunday.  These are challenging times, but we’re all in it together and there is strength in unity-knowing that you’re not alone.

This week is our first official week of distance learning and we have set up a Google Classroom for our kindergarten class.  We understand that although we are all experiencing the challenges of dealing with this pandemic, everyone also has their own personal situations-everyone should do what is best for themselves and their families. 

The activities that we are putting out for this week are fairly simple in nature and mostly basic skills practice.  Most importantly, we feel that the best thing for your child(ren) at this time is for them to feel loved, connected and secure in their family.  Engage in play and conversations with them.  Give them opportunities to be active and creative.  Try to incorporate the learning in our google classroom in their play and daily activities.  Keep in mind counting, measuring, patterning, sorting, making predictions, exploring numbers, letters, sounds, reading, dice, and card games are all valuable learning activities. Develop fine motor and pencil skills by cutting, drawing, writing, doing up buttons, tying shoes, puzzles, board games and anything else that requires finger dexterity. There are a variety of other resources available under the “classwork” tab in our google classroom that you may want to explore for further activities/suggestions.  We will continue to add to these resources.

Now for the fun part…  Your children all have student email accounts that we haven’t used before (the older students use them for google classrooms and to sign into school computers).  The kindergarten students from our class have all been logged into their accounts now and joined to our google classroom.  We thought that this would be easier for me to do the first time to get it all organized.  Here are specific instructions on how to get your child’s school email address on your home computer or device:

Step #1:

The first thing you need is your child’s student number (identifier).

When you log on to www.school-day.com – you should see your child’s identification number. It is a 5 digit number.

Once you find the identification number this will become the beginning of their student email- ex. 12345@smcdsb.on.ca

student password- dd/mm/yyyy (birthday)

Step #2:

Go to: www.google.com

On the top right hand corner, there will be a “Sign In” option. Click on it.

Log in to the account using your child’s identification number and password. 

Once you reach this point, you should be able to see our google classroom-open it!  It’s called SCD Kindergarten 123  Sadlon/Panico.  You will not be able to access this google classroom by using your own email-you will always need to access it using your child’s email.  Once you have entered it, please do not flood it with messages and questions-we would appreciate it if you could simply let us know that you’ve accessed it by saying a quick hello where it says, “share something with your class…”  Hopefully we will “hear” from everyone in the next day or so.  If we do not see a message from you in the next few days, you will be contacted to help problem solve.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all learn this together.

Keeping you all in our hearts and prayers

K. Sadlon and T. Panico

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