Playing in the Dirt on Monday!

On Monday, we will be working on filling up our new garden planters. This will involve small groups of children working with an adult (and hopefully some grade seven volunteers) to break up the compacted soil from the bag, mix it with our dry, all-natural, organic fertilizer and then scooping it into our new planter boxes.  We will get be getting dirty, so please dress your child accordingly!  

We welcome adult volunteers as long as they have their up-to-date police background check filed in the school office.  We plan to start prepping our boxes shortly after lunch recess (about 1:30) on Monday.  We are hoping to plant our seedlings/seeds on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week depending upon the weather.  

The children helped to plan out what we are going to plant as well as counting the number of plants that will be able to grow successfully in our planters.  They are very excited to get started!  Thanks in advance for your support of our new school vegetable garden!

Mrs. Sadlon and Mrs. Panico

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