Reading A-Z Login

Hello Families!  Sorry for the multiple emails today!

Our classroom rosters are now set up in both EPIC Reading and Reading A-Z. 

I can see that several of you have already logged in and joined EPIC – that’s great! 

Your accounts are set up in Reading A-Z now too.  You can join at:

The teacher username is:                                         KSadlon

Student names are entered like this:                         SimonD

In cases of hyphenated last nameslike this:            ZachFC

Everybody has the same password icon:                  

I have entered the children’s reading levels to approximately where they were last assessed right before the March break.  Both of these websites use slightly different benchmarking systems than what we use at school.

It is a good idea to use these reading resources just as you would use your child’s green reading folder and follow the same guidelines as posted in their folder.  Introduce your child to the new book (either you read it or use the website read aloud option), then allow them to practice with it. It is not a competition to see who can “read” the highest number of books!  Repetitive practice with a familiar text will improve your child’s reading decoding skills better than allowing them to race through as many books as quickly as possible (that’s why we only send them home with 1-2 books each week).

One last thing (for now!) – if you have been on our google classroom, but have not said a quick “hello” or posted anything yet, can you please just say “hello” to let us know that you were able to access it correctly?  We need to know how many have not accessed the google classroom yet, so we can call and check in.  Thanks!

Have fun and happy reading!

Mrs. Sadlon and Ms. Panico  : )

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