Remote Learning Update

Remote Learning Update

Hello Families!

Thank you for working so hard to get your children back online over the past two weeks. We just have some housekeeping items to address in this newsletter.

Catholic Education Week is next week-our theme this year is Nurturing Faith. We are looking forward to celebrating our faith with specially chosen prayers, books, songs, and activities. We will post some additional faith-based activities on our weekly choice board on Brightspace as well.

We would like to make a special request for help from your families. Over the past two weeks, we have noticed that some of our students are often struggling to find their remote learning tools (write/wipe folder, crayons, paper, workbook, poem book, etc.) when they need them for a learning activity. While it does make it more difficult for us to keep our meeting running smoothly when this happens, it mainly affects the children. We find ourselves trying to help the child and at the same time trying to avoid imminent meltdowns when they can’t find their things. We need your help to make this better.

We suggest that families take a little time to track down all of your child’s school supplies provided and put them into the large zip bag that we sent home just before the April break (or altogether in a bin from home). If possible, please keep these in the same location or in close proximity to where your child usually works online. This will help avoid undue stress on the children and give them a better sense of independence throughout the day. We really appreciate your help with this matter.

We would also ask that families quickly review classroom safety concerns that there have been some issues with. We’ve had to remind children not to do movement activities with things (pencils, scissors, pets) in their hands or food in their mouths, stay on camera and not to climb/jump around on furniture during our online sessions. We want to make sure that everyone stays safe!

And last, but certainly not least-tomorrow is Fun Friday! After our morning routine, the prep teacher will be joining us in our meeting and we will encourage the class to join in an open play session. Children are welcome to bring building toys (lego, blocks, playdough, etc.) or crafting supplies (coloured paper, recycled materials, or supplies from home) for an open play/creative session. We would like to advise families that the children will be welcome to keep their microphones open if they wish (providing their internet connection can support it). Please remember that while microphones are open, our class will be able to hear background noises/voices from inside homes.

One last notification: on Monday, May 10, we will not be holding our live 9-10:30 am zoom meeting or our 2-3:00 pm meeting. Mrs. Koper will still be holding her regularly scheduled meeting at 11:40-12:10, and we will post asynchronous activities for the children on our Brightspace classroom.

As always, thank you for your continued support. We hope everyone enjoys a lovely weekend!

Mrs. Sadlon and Ms. Panico

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