September Updates

Hooray! We’ve made it through our first full week of Kindergarten!

We understand how challenging the first week of school can be (especially this year!) and our students and parents are doing great! We really appreciate everyone’s efforts with all of our new safety measures. Thank you for your patience as we learn everybody’s names at pick up time too.

The children are settling in nicely, getting to know one another, exploring their surroundings and learning routines. For the first few weeks, we concentrate mainly on safety rules in the school and daily routines. If you are not getting a lot of information about your child’s day at school, we suggest asking them specific questions (Who did you play with at recess today? What song/movement activity do you like best? What was the read aloud book today?), this may help elicit more details from them.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope. To celebrate this milestone, our school is doing a modified Terry Fox Run fundraiser on Friday this week. Our class will be participating by doing a Terry Fox 40 workout in our yard. We will do 40 lunge/muscle flexes, 40 marching steps and 40 jumping jacks. The school will send out more details on how you can donate to this year’s fundraiser online.

We have a few reminders for this time of year to help things continue to run smoothly. Please disregard if you have already looked after these:

-Please send in a 4×6” family photo as soon as possible. We are hoping to fill our Family Wall.

-Your child needs an extra change of clothes to be left at school in case of accidents or spills. Having clothes readily available helps keep the classroom running smoothly and keeps occasional toileting accidents more discreet. Please send these in if you have not done so already.

-Correspondence between parents and teacher is being done by email only this year. We are not using zip bags or checking through backpacks for written notes.

-As we are storing backpacks in a large bin outside of the classroom this year, we ask that families please remove all extra items from backpacks and leave them at home. The children need only to bring their lunch bags, water bottles and masks to school. The smaller the backpack, the better!

-Many of our students are struggling to open lunch containers and packaged items during our nutrition breaks. Please practice with lunch containers at home and make small snips in packaging so that your child can open food independently. School staff are trying to refrain from handling any of our students’ food, especially with all of the cleaning protocol in place.

-Although masks are not mandatory for K-3, we strongly encourage practicing with masks at home and wearing them at school. We are able to do more small group play activities together when the children are wearing masks.

-Star Students-We have started working with our Star Students of the Week. Every week, there will be two students scheduled to be our Star Students. They will have several fun responsibilities for the week, such as leading our morning routine, prayer and calendar. The Star Student schedule will be posted on our class calendar page on our website in the next few days.

-Many of the children do not recognize their own belongings yet! Please label everything-outdoor clothing/sweaters, lunch containers, backpacks.

Thanks again for your support and patience during this busy time. We are really enjoying getting to know your children!

Mrs. Sadlon, Ms. Panico, Mrs. Franchetto and Mrs. Ingram

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