September Updates

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Hooray! We made it through our first week of Kindergarten!


We have been enjoying getting reacquainted with our students from last year and getting to know our new students who have joined our classroom over the past few days.  The children are settling in nicely, getting to know one another and exploring their surroundings. For the first few weeks, we concentrate mainly on safety rules in the school and basic daily routines. The children will enjoy giving you a tour of their classroom during the Fun Fair/Open House in a few weeks.


We have a few reminders for this time of year to help things continue to run smoothly. Please disregard if you have already looked after these.


-If you could, please send in a 4×6” family photo as soon as possible. We are hoping to fill our Family Wall as soon as possible.


-Please label your child’s clothing-especially, sweaters and outer clothing (things that they take on and off throughout the day).  Many of the children don’t recognize their own clothing so that makes it challenging to figure out what belongs to each child.


-We are trying to stock up for the upcoming year. If you can spare a box of tissue and a roll of paper towel, it would be greatly appreciated (if you have already-thank you!). Our children go through a lot of tissues learning about good hygiene during cold season and they use paper towels to tidy up spills independently.


-Scholastic Book Orders-Books and other interesting things are available for order every month from Scholastic. Our classroom earns points with every order.  If you would like any purchase to be a gift, please include a note to let us know and we will hold it in the office for you to pick up. Otherwise, Scholastic orders will be sent home with your child when they arrive. You may order from any of the different magazines. Please be sure to make your payment with a cheque, no cash please-Scholastic also takes online orders. The order magazines will be coming home tomorrow and the first order due date is September 20.


-School photo day is September 20.  We will be doing our class photo as well as individual photos.  Kindergarten photos are usually done first thing after morning entry (so that they’re still reasonably clean!).


-Star Students-We will be starting with our Star Students of the Week next week. Every week, there will be two students scheduled to be our Star Students-this will be noted on our website calendar. They will have several fun responsibilities for the week, such as prayer leader, calendar and weather person, taking notes to the office, line leader, plant helper, sweeper, etc.


Thanks again for your support and patience during this busy time.


Mrs. Sadlon, Mrs. Panico and Ms. Martin


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