Valentine’s Day

Hello Families!
We’ve had some inquiries about Valentine’s Day and exchanging cards. In past years, it was common for students to bring Valentines to give to their classmates on this special day. This year, with our new understanding of Covid and how it is transmitted, students who wish to bring cards to share with their classmates are welcome to do so.

These Valentines must NOT include any food items (cupcakes, candy, gum, individually wrapped or prepackaged).  We would like to ask that all Valentine cards either be left blank or addressed “To My Friend” as most of the children cannot yet read all of their friends’ names to be able to hand them out to specific children. Children are encouraged to sign their own names on the Valentines they hand out-great name writing practice! 

There is a class list (first names only) posted on our classroom website at: Thank you!K. Sadlon  
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